New Account Inquiry Survey
Business NameBusiness AddressCityState Zip CodeContact NamePhone NumberEmail AddressWebsite Address1. Briefly tell us about your business and the products you're interested in.See Our Brands for more information on the products we offer2. Class of TradeSupermarketSporting GoodsDrug RetailDiscount StoreMass RetailBookstoreGift ShopConvenienceOther? Please specify3. Are you currently purchasing collectibles through another distributor? If yes, please list the distributor and the brands.4. How did you hear about Sales First?5. What is the best way to contact you? Call, text, email. 6. Do you have a Sales Tax Resale Exemption Certificate for your business? We cannot accept stores applications without a Sales Tax Resale Exception Certificate
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Please note this survey is not a new account application. Please allow up to 10 business days for your submission to be reviewed before reaching out on the status of your submission. Once we have reviewed your survey, if approved, we will let you know how to proceed to the on-boarding application process, which will include proof of business license and sales tax certificate.